Martha Mysko

Martha Mysko and Anne Vieux
Down the Pigeon Hole

Culture Room

02.22.13 - 03.03.13

Josef Albers wrote that “the origin of art [is] the discrepancy
between physical fact and psychic effect.”

Anne Vieux and Martha Mysko developed Down the Pigeon Hole by examining the relational meaning of objects and their abstraction through framing. The work evolved through several video chat conversations, where they created malleable compositions through the frame of the screen. Experimenting with various video chat software led to a dialogue between the artist's household objects and tchotchkes -- one that probes the state of being bored within a domestic setting.

Reflecting on conventions of painting and applying them to the objects, which recur in projection and printed materials, cultural meaning is complicated and disordered as bric-a-brac is transformed into an immediate abstraction. Themes of fertility, religion, and the cosmic emerge through categorization and formal play within a disjunctive narrative that takes a gestural approach to abstract painting. Down the Pigeon Hole is a collaborative effort that reveals a desire to find some re-enchantment in our
secular realities.

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